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Quest – 155 Overhead Dehumidifie


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The Quest – 155 Overhead Dehumidifier is a premium product, which prevents plant rot and structural damage in grow rooms and commercial areas. The low-amp product can remove up to 74 litres of water per day. The unit includes a plug & play feature and it’s easy to set up and install. The unit includes a humidistat made for consistent humidity control and monitoring. You can connect six units and use different types of ducting.

General Information

  • The Quest – 155 Overhead dehumidifier is a premium unit, which prevents plant rot and structural damage in your grow room or commercial spaces;
  • The product comprises an efficient and high-performance impeller fan;
  • It delivers high static pressure performance;
  • The unit ensures top-quality air filtration;
  • It uses R410A refrigerant;
  • It comprises a low voltage terminal block for easy wiring to the external control;
  • The unit restarts automatically after power outages.


  • The unit is efficient;
  • It’s quiet;
  • It doesn’t require ducting;
  • The fan only operates when the compressor is running;
  • It has a long lifespan;
  • The unit is made at Quest’s superior standards of quality and performance.

The Science

Growers can control the humidity levels in the grow room or a commercial space with the Quest 155 Dehumidifier. The premium product comprises an onboard humidistat, Plug & Play installation, and overhead installation. The humidistat allows growers to determine optimum conditions such as dry, normal, and humid. When the humidity in the grow room exceeds the pre-set levels, the unit will start running until the humidity level drops between at least 4% and 6%.

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