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Mammoth RC 48 Carbon Filter

Eliminate odours and VOCs with this sleek, light range of carbon filters from Mammoth. Mammoth are renowned for their quality and this range is no different: at just half the weight of most filters, they still pack a punch all the way up to 3250m/h.


Traps odours

Carbon contains pores designed to catch odours as they pass through. Rather than just masking bad smells, a carbon filter traps and neutralises them – meaning they’re truly gone.

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) might stem from smoking or paint fumes within the home, from some pesticides, or from plant odours in your grow room.

The Mammoth Carbon Filter has an open mesh exterior and a cyclone base for improved airflow. It maximises the amount of air travelling in, so that as much pure air as possible can come out.


RC 48 Carbon

All Mammoth filters use RC 48 Carbon, the purest and highest quality Australian virgin activated carbon. When it comes to carbon, this type contains some of the largest pores, which means it can absorb the greatest quantities of waste.

With an ash content of only 13%, it is also more efficient than many other forms of carbon. While the quality is impeccable, you’ll keep long-term cost down.



Mammoth filters are, on average, half the weight of their competitors. This makes them easy to hang and assemble, and reduces strain on ceilings and grow tents. The filters can be transported easily if needed and make for a sleek, professional addition to any hydroponics setup.


How to use Mammoth Carbon Filter?

When ready to use, unwrap the product and cover with the pre-filter sleeve (included). Make sure the rest of your equipment is already installed and that a fan is attached to ducting for your desired method of extraction. Fix the carbon filter directly to the other end of the fan, or separate them with a short length of ducting. Hang as close to the top of your grow room as possible using the hanging straps (provided in models up to 8″).


Where to use Mammoth Carbon Filter?

The filter can be used in any indoor grow room, workplace, or domestic setting that requires removal of VOCs and odours.


Why choose Mammoth Carbon Filter?

These produce premium results at approximately half the weight of a standard filter. The high-quality Australian carbon traps odours with ease thanks to its porous nature. Power is no problem for the aptly-named Mammoth, and filters range from 550 to 3250m³/h to ensure the best and most efficient system for you.

The bed of the filter is also considerably thicker than its competitors, so that bad smells have maximum time to be absorbed and removed.


  • 50mm granulated RC 48 Activated Carbon Filter;
  • Neutralises household and garden odours;
  • High quality and cost effective;
  • Refined aluminium casing;
  • Lightweight;
  • Minimal ash content;
  • 2 year lifespan.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Mammoth


Additional information


10", 12", 4", 6", 8"


1000mm – 2500m3/h, 1000mm – 3250m3/h, 1200mm – 3000m3/h, 345mm – 420m3/h, 345mm – 550m3/h, 500mm – 1000m3/h, 645mm – 1300m3/h, 750mm – 1800m3/h, 750mm – 2250m3/h

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