Mammoth TT Twin Speed Inline Fan



Mammoth TT Twin Speed Inline Fan 

Switch between two different speeds with the press of a button. This quiet, powerful inline fan removes stagnant air from a grow space and removes it with the cool, fresh air needed for optimum growth. 

Adjustable airflow 

The Mammoth Twin Speed acts as two fans in one! Plants often need different levels of airflow throughout their lifetime. Seedlings in particular are vulnerable to disease and need a continuous supply of ventilation at all times. 

Choose from two different velocities to best suit the needs of your grow room, and keep plants at maximum health throughout the entire growth cycle. 

Quiet operation 

The Mammoth Twin Speed runs with minimal noise, offering a discreet and peaceful growing environment. With a minimum volume of 26dB it’s truly whisper-quiet.  

Safety first

Overheating can be a concern for fans left running all day. The Twin Speed has a thermal protection measure in place, to safely switch off the fan should the temperature rise too high. 

How to use the Mammoth TT Twin Speed Fan?

This fan comes with an integrated mounting bracket for fuss-free installation. Attach near the top of your grow tent or near the ceiling of a grow room. Plug the 1.8m cable lead (provided) into a mains source and switch on to begin use.

The velocity of the Mammoth Twin Speed can be adjusted using the button on the side of the appliance. 

Where to use the Mammoth TT Twin Speed Fan?

Use in any indoor space that requires ventilation for horticultural or domestic purposes – this might include a grow tent, grow room, greenhouse, or within a home or workplace. A mains source of electricity is required for use. 

The Mammoth Twin Speed is water-resistant to an IP65 standard, making it “dust tight” and protected against weather conditions and light sprays of water.

Why choose the Mammoth TT Twin Speed Fan?

It’s just as important to pay attention to airflow in a grow space as it is to nutrient and water levels. Fresh, cool air maintains a healthy temperature for plants and helps to keep disease such as mildew at bay.  

The Mammoth TT Twin Speed Fan is a durable, versatile solution to keeping plants well-ventilated throughout the entire growth cycle. Prevent wilting and disease, remove stagnant air, and save the cost of buying two separate inline fans.

Let it run with total peace of mind that its anti-overheating measures are in place – and, should any other faults happen, customers are protected by a 2-year warranty. 

  • High-pressure, twin speed fan;
  • Adjustable flow rate to two airflow speeds;
  • Protection against overheating;
  • Integrated mounting bracket;
  • 1.8m UK mains cable included;
  • Water resistant to IP65 standard;
  • UKCA, CE, and RoHS certified;
  • 2 year warranty.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Mammoth

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