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Vortex 6” Clip On Fan



Vortex 6” Clip-On Fan

Clip on clip off…this Vortex fan is perfect on the go. Attach it to almost any surface and receive a powerful even distribution of cool air. 

Hot spot… or not

Thanks to its constant fresh breeze the Clip-On Fan helps to maintain even distribution of cool air throughout a grow space. It’ll eliminate hot spots and stagnant patches refreshing the areas that need it most. 

Not only will this keep all plants in the optimal climate but there’s far less chance of mildew and disease. 

Clip anywhere

Its handy spring clip means this 6” fan can be placed almost anywhere. It’s secure but gentle and will provide instant direct freshness to the desired area.

Safe and secure

Like all fans in the Vortex range the Clip-On has a finger-safe mesh grill to protect hands from its blades. Its robust casing won’t wear down or rust even in challenging grow room conditions. 

It’s also UV-resistant and will withstand heat and humidity. Even better it destroys them! 

The fan is CE and RoHS certified for total peace of mind. 

How to use the Vortex 6” Clip-On Fan?

Clip to a surface (such as a shelf chair or table) and plug in using the UK mains cable provided. Use the power switch to turn the fan on and adjust the speed.

Use the Clip-On Fan to keep cool in the grow room or protect plants from hot humid climates. 

Where to use the Vortex 6” Clip-On Fan?

The Clip-On Fan is a super-versatile option for those operating in smaller grow spaces or constantly on the move. 

Its 6” face is just the right size for grow tents sheds greenhouses and household use. Clip onto a shelf table or tent bar. It’s also perfect for clipping onto a desk if you’re sweating away at work. 

Small and lightweight it’ll easily move with growers from place to place as they go about their day. That’s far more efficient than having one blasting in every room. 

Why choose the Vortex 6” Clip-On Fan?

  • 6” clip-on fan;
  • 2 speed settings;
  • Keeps grow tents sheds and hydroponic systems cool;
  • Removes hot spots;
  • Robust UV-resistant casing;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Versatile – clip onto any surface;
  • CE and RoHS certified. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Vortex
  • Diameter: 6” (150mm)
  • Power: 240V



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