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Jiffy Grow Block 50 mm


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Jiffy Grow Blocks – 50mm 

Coco coir is known for its high germination rates and creates an aerated low-stress substrate for young plants. These compact blocks are made from coconut waste products and double in height when watered. 


Superior aeration

Coco is celebrated for its fibrous texture which allows it to hold water while providing the most possible aeration. 

Jiffy blocks are made from coco waste (pith and husk) with an air porosity value of 20-35% after the block is saturated and drained. This allows oxygen to reach all areas of the rhizosphere (root network) and for carbon dioxide to be diffused. It also means that roots can grow freely through the sides of the block. 


Up to 75% water holding capacity

The blocks have excellent water holding capacity: up to 75% of liquids are absorbed and retained. This reduces “false drain” where water soaks straight through the middle of the growing medium and drains away without distributing into the sides. Not only does this waste valuable nutrient solution but uneven feeding can have drastic effects on all areas of the plant. 

The Jiffy Grow Blocks contain a specialised wetting agent to help water soak evenly and thoroughly through coco. The company’s innovation means that plants better retain the nutrients they are given and are fed evenly without fail. 


Biodegradable alternative to plastic

Plastic use is having a devastating impact on our climate – and single-use plastic is one of the most wasteful culprits. 

Alternatives to the Jiffy block use plastic to hold the substrate in place or are made of non-compostable materials. Rockwool is reusable for instance but will never break down once the grower is finished with it. It must be dissolved manually using harsh chemicals which may be just as harmful to the planet. 

Jiffy blocks are housed in biodegradable netting made from polylactic acid (PLA). This is a plastic alternative derived from corn starch instead of petroleum which will naturally break down over time. It’s also compostable under industrial conditions. 


OMRI and RHP certified

Jiffy’s efforts mean that you can have a clear conscience while using the product and trust that you are using the highest-quality growing media. Jiffy Grow Blocks are certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). As long as you are in line with organic farming regulations you may use Jiffy Blocks to grow your own organic produce. 

All coco is RHP certified too promising that the substrate has been correctly cleaned. RHP substrates meet the highest chemical and physical standards and are free from weeds and pathogens. 


Easy to store and transport

Low on space? Jiffy blocks come as dry compact squares only 15mm in height. They’ll easily store in a drawer on a shelf or in a large envelope if you’re on the go. When it comes to transporting you won’t even know they’re there. 

The Jiffy block also acts as a substrate and a container in one meaning there’s minimal need for extra equipment. Use alone or just pop in a plastic tray for easy watering. 


How to use Jiffy Grow Blocks?

Jiffy Grow Blocks can stand alone or they can be placed in a pot or tray. It is advised that you place them in a tray (preferably with drainage holes) for watering. 

Once you are ready to use your Grow Blocks soak them with lukewarm water and pour away any excess. 

It will take about a minute for the Grow Blocks to reach their full height (45mm). Place your seedling or cutting in the hole at the top of each block. Then you’re done!

Place the blocks in a bright area free of frost or excess heat. Gradually expose the young plants to the sun to encourage germination. Keep the blocks thoroughly watered but do not overfeed. 


There is no need to remove your plant from the Jiffy Grow Block once it outgrows it. Simply remove the biodegradable netting and transplant or re-pot the block. This helps to minimise damage in the root system and place as little stress on your plants as possible. 

Make sure to completely cover the Grow Block with your new substrate when replanting to protect the exposed and sensitive roots. 


To make the most of Jiffy’s sustainable efforts please do not dispose of the Grow Blocks in your household waste or recycling bin. The product is industrially compostable – options for this may vary in your local area. 


Where to use Jiffy Grow Blocks?

Many growers favour hydroponic methods for germinating plants as this has the most successful rates. Hydro growing also suits the benefits of coir well. It provides an ideal environment to cultivate a diverse microbial ecosystem which doesn’t naturally occur in hydroponic systems. 

Once germinated you may replant the Grow Block in any substrate you like. 


When to use Jiffy Grow Blocks?

Use to germinate seedlings and cuttings. 


Why choose Jiffy Grow Blocks?

  • Expanding coco pith blocks;

  • Made from eco-friendly materials (coconut byproducts);

  • Encourages healthy germination and rooting;

  • Housed in biodegradable netting;

  • Breathable – 20-35% air porosity;

  • Clean and convenient planting;

  • OMRI and RHP certified. 


Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Jiffy 

  • Blocks Per Box: 408

  • Product Material: Coconut pith coco husk

  • Netting Material: Polylactic acid (PLA) 



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