Growth Technology Root Riot



Growth Technology Root Riot

Growth Technology Root Riot are starter cubes which offer the very best chance for successful propagation.

Made from composted organic materials, these cubes have a spongy texture which retains the ideal air/water ratio for healthy, rapid root development

Suitable for either cuttings/clones and seeds, Root Riot consistently outperforms alternative media.

The cubes are specially inoculated with micronutrients and biologically active ingredients to nourish young plants, and to aid root development.

A propagation medium blended from organic materials perfect for soil and hydroponics.


  • Simple to use. Faster, more vigorous rooting.
  • Clean and dust-free. Reliable results.
  • Organic and fully biodegradable.
  • Perfect for cuttings or seeds.

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100 x Bag, 24 x Tray


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