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Jiffy 84 Cell Tray 33mm



Jiffy 84 Cell Tray 

Jiffy’s 84-Cell Tray perfectly fits its Soil Plugs providing even room for seedlings to grow. Not only does it prevent overcrowding but it means each young plant can be fed and monitored individually. 

Designed for Jiffy Soil Plugs

This tray is shaped to perfectly fit 84 Jiffy Soil Plugs. Each cell prevents the expanded pellet from losing its shape while providing a breathable home with easy drainage.

Separates young plants

By separating young plants during propagation growers have a better idea of their individual conditions. Monitor pH levels adapt water levels and spot deficiencies cell by cell. 

How to use Jiffy 84 Cell Tray?

Simply place a Jiffy Soil Plug in each cell and place your seed in the indent at the top. Gradually begin to water the Soil Plug until it expands. 

The tray may also be cut to suit smaller numbers of soil plugs. 

When to use Jiffy 84 Cell Tray?

These trays are ideal for young seedlings and propagating plants. 

Why choose Jiffy 84 Cell Tray?

  • Propagation tray with 84 cells;

  • Ensures even feeding and grow room for young plants;

  • Lightweight and portable;

  • Can be cut to size;

  • 33mm cell diameter;

  • Designed for use with Jiffy Soil Plugs.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Jiffy



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