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Eco Technics – Evolution Co2 Controller Kit Complete


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The Evolution CO2 Complete Kit comprises of a controller, regulator and analyser (sensor). It is the ultimate solution for bottled CO2. The Evolution monitors CO2 levels within the grow room and constantly adjusts the amount of CO2 to maintain ideal conditions for optimal plant growth. PPM (parts per million) levels can be easily set on the controller to suit various growing conditions. We recommend around 1000-1200 ppm for optimum results. This unit is also compatible with the Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller and then makes an ideal solution for non-sealed rooms.

For those using a CO2 Generator style setup then the regulator contained in the full kit is not required. We therefore have the option to buy the components of the full kit on their own to suit this method. The Evolution Controller is the most advanced of its kind and has more features and functionality than any other product on the market. It can even be used without the Evolution CO2 Sensor and can be interfaced to an external thermostat/hygrostat – providing a cheap entry level system with an easy and affordable upgrade path in the future.

The Evolution CO2 Analyser utilises non‑dispersive infra-red sensing technology for fast, accurate CO2 monitoring. Combined with exquisite design and ground‑breaking low price, the sensor is highly accurate and less than half the price of similar products on the market – making available the ultimate control system to the average grower.

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