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Rhino Pro Filters

Rhino is the world’s leading air filter manufacturer: why settle for less? This top-tier model uses RC-412 Australian carbon to trap odour particles before they escape your grow room. 

The Rhino Pro features a vortex cone in its base to spin and evenly distribute air flow – getting rid of odours more efficiently than ever. 


Neutralises bad smells on contact

Activated carbon has the special ability to trap and neutralise bad smells. Carbon filters work by moving dirty or odorous air through them. The carbon catches the particles containing impurities, and the air that leaves the carbon filter is clean and odourless.


Removes VOCs

VOCs are a group of chemicals that can be dangerous if inhaled, especially over a long period of time. Household products like air fresheners can contain VOCs, as well as cigarette smoke, petrol, and some paints. 

Plants can also emit VOCs – so it’s particularly important to keep your grow room well-ventilated. 

The Rhino Pro traps and neutralises VOCs, keeping your grow space fresher and safer. 


Uses premium RC-412 Australian carbon

The more (and larger) pores a piece of carbon has, the more odour particles it can trap. The Rhino Hobby filter is made from RC-412 carbon – the purest and most porous on the market.

Each pore in this kind of carbon is 0.02 microns in size. While this may sound tiny, it’s pretty impressive when it comes to odour neutralisation! 


“Vortex” base cone

Rhino filters contain an innovative “vortex” cone in their base. This creates a tornado effect as air enters, spinning it evenly through the inside of the filter. 

It’s a simple but genius device – it ensures that stale air is evenly circulated and all odours are removed. 


Perfect for pros

The Pro works with fans up to 3600m³/h, making it the ideal choice for larger grow rooms. 


How to use Rhino Pro Filters?

You must choose the correct sized carbon filter for your fan for best results. If the filter cannot support your fan’s airflow, it will not remove odours as effectively. You should also make sure that your fan and filter are of the same diameter so that you can connect them together. 

Only remove the plastic wrapping when you are ready to use. 

Place the white fabric sleeve over the Rhino Pro before installing. This will help to keep dust out of the outer mesh and improve the filter’s longevity. 

Secure the filter between your ducting and the intake side of your extraction fan. Ideally, this equipment should sit at the highest and most central point in your grow room (i.e. the ceiling). Doing so will give you the most even odour removal; hot air rises, and so lower-placed carbon filters may not catch warm and stale air as easily. 

Hang your equipment using hanging ties, bungee cords, or jack chains

Remove and clean the dust filter when necessary. 


Where to use Rhino Pro Filters?

The Rhino Pro is suitable for use with the rest of your ventilation system! Pair with a fan and ducting in your grow tent, grow room, shed, hydroponic system, or greenhouse to remove plant odours. 

You may also wish to remove VOCs elsewhere! This will work just as well in your home and office to prevent you from breathing in potentially harmful chemicals. 

Always remember to wear the relevant protective equipment as well as using a carbon filter if working with dangerous substances. 


Why choose Rhino Pro Filters?

  • Removes grow room odours and VOCs;

  • Lightweight aluminium casing;

  • 50mm RC-412 carbon bed;

  • 51% open area custom mesh for superior air flow;

  • 2-year lifespan;

  • Suitable for air volumes up to 3250m³/h. 


Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Rhino

  • Lifespan: 2 years

Additional information


10", 10" 1420m³/h, 10" 1900m³/h, 12", 12" 3250m³/h, 12", 10"



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