Grow Tools Bug Block



Grow Tools Bug Block

Prevent infestations with the Bug Block. This removable mesh cover fastens easily to ducts and intake fan openings, to keep insects and dirt out of your grow room. 


Prevents bug infestations

Pest infestations can be irritating at best and devastating at worst. Even the most careful indoor growers have seen entire plants wiped out due to mites or aphids. 

The Bug Block is a fine mesh shield which fits over the duct or fan in an indoor garden, and traps harmful insects as well as dirt and dust. 


How to use Bug Block?

Each Bug Block comes with two sets of Velcro fasteners. One side of the Velcro is already attached to the Bug Block, and the other has an adhesive peel-off back to stick to your chosen intake fan or ducting vent. 

Peel off the sticky backing and press the Velcro strips onto the equipment you would like to protect from dust and insects.

Position the Bug Block over the opening of the fan or vent, and press the two sets of Velcro straps together to secure the Bug Block in place.

Ensure that there are no gaps left in the opening, and tighten as needed. 


Remember to remove and clean the Bug Block every so often, as excess buildup may begin to affect airflow. 


Where to use Bug Block?

The Bug Block can be used anywhere! We specifically recommend grow tents, greenhouses, and indoor grow rooms, which require ventilation from outside. The Bug Block is also useful in areas prone to dust buildup. 

The Bug Block comes in a range of adjustable sizes, and will fit comfortably over most standard intake fans, ducts, and vents. 


Why choose Bug Block?

This is a simple tool which could prevent weeks of lost progress! It fits unobtrusively over equipment without compromising airflow, and can be removed and cleaned at any time. 

The Bug Block is made from finely woven mesh, trapping insects before they enter a grow space. 


  • Prevents insects from entering indoor grow spaces;

  • Can be fitted over ducting and intake fans;

  • Adhesive Velcro included for easy attachment;

  • Simple to remove and clean;

  • Fits most standard grow room ducting. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Brand: Grow Tools

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10", 12", 8"

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