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GAS – EC5 Fan Controller Revolution


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The GAS – EC5 Fan Controller Revolution is built to control SystemAir EC fans. The unit comprises an RTT (Reactive Temperature Technology) system, which helps it react to environmental changes. Temperature changes allow the controller fans to react and maintain the target temperature. A consistent temperature in the grow room will allow you to achieve high harvest yields and top-quality crops. The fan controller is made for use with SystemAir’s Revolution EC Fan.

General Information

  • The unit allows growers optimize the environment in the grow room;
  • The device comprises reactive temperature technology;
  • You can determine negative pressure levels;
  • Includes active cables and it’s powered by the EC fan.


  • Easy to install and to use;
  • The unit sets the minimum and maximum fan speeds for both outtake and intake;
  • It’s designed in line with GAS quality standards.

The Science

The unit comprises reactive temperature technology and reacts to environmental changes in the grow room’s climate. The increased temperature spikes signal the controller to speed up or reduce the temperature settings. You’ll achieve a consistent temperature in the grow room, which provides plants with a perfect climate to thrive in.

How to Use

You’ll find 2 types of GAS controller cables such as inactive and active. Inactive cables only transfer data and active cables supply power to the unit. Controllers which don’t have their own power supply are delivered with active cables. Plug the fan into the controller and place the temperature probe in the centre of the grow room. Set the target temperature and the minimum and maximum speeds.

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