Boveda Humidity Control 58%



Boveda 58% 2-Way Humidity Control: Your Trusted Solution for Precise RH

When it comes to restoring and maintaining the perfect Relative Humidity (RH) for your prized products, trust in the global leader of 2-way humidity control: Boveda. These remarkable packs are designed to be placed within your packaging or storage, ensuring a meticulously controlled RH environment to safeguard your goods.


Why Choose Boveda 58% RH?

Selecting the ideal Boveda RH percentage is a matter of personal preference, depending on the specific humidity requirements of your products. For personal-use items, the 58% Boveda RH level is the preferred choice.


All-Natural Preservation:

Inside each Boveda pack, you’ll find an ingenious blend of all-natural salts and pure water. This combination works harmoniously to maintain the freshness of your flowers for an impressive span of 2-4 months when stored in airtight containers.


Preserving Aroma:

Boveda doesn’t just control humidity; it also excels at preserving the rich aroma of your products. By creating a monolayer of purified water molecules that gently envelop your items, Boveda ensures that the captivating scents remain intact until you’re ready to enjoy them.


Resealable Freshness:

Boveda understands the importance of freshness. That’s why each pack comes in a high-barrier plastic bag that’s factory-sealed for your convenience. As long as you keep the zipper securely closed, unwrapped Boveda packs will remain fresh for up to two years, patiently waiting to fullfill their purpose.


How to Utilise Boveda?

Using Boveda is a straightforward process. Simply place the pack in a container alongside your products, ensuring that the total weight of the container and contents does not exceed 30g. It’s time for a replacement when you notice that the Boveda pack has become rigid.


Trust in Boveda for Precise RH Control:

Elevate your product storage with Boveda’s 58% 2-way humidity control. Ensure the perfect RH environment for your goods, preserving their quality until the moment of use.

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