Terra Aquatica TriPart Micro



Terra Aquatica TriPart Micro

The foundation of a 3-part blend, Micro is responsible for supplying micro and sub-micro nutrients to plants through all stages of growth. This “building-block” solution  can be used in coco, soil, and hydro. 


Formulated for hard water

Hard water can come with specific challenges: it has a higher pH than soft water and can be more difficult to stabilise. EC is also higher and plants may be more susceptible to problems with nutrient uptake.

Micro HW provides the necessary pH adjusters to keep levels as consistent as possible, and its supplementary calcium is lower than its Soft Water counterpart to protect against lockout. 


Nutritional “building block”

Micro is designed to be the foundation of its 3-part series, providing the “building blocks” for stable and resilient plant growth. As with Grow and Bloom, the solution contains chelated micronutrients and sub-micronutrients for stress-free absorption. 

It continues to provide nitrogen and phosphorus throughout the plant cycle with its NPK ratio of 4 – 0 – 1.

Adjust as you go

The flexibility of the TriPart series means that your feeding regime can evolve with your plants. Notice where your plants need the most assistance and adjust the ratios of Grow, Bloom, and Micro in response. 


How to use Terra Aquatica TriPart Micro?

Hydro / Coco: Use 0.5ml of TriPart Micro per litre of water as first roots start to appear. Increase to:

  • 1ml / L as first leaves appear;

  • 1.8ml / L during vegetative stage;

  • 2ml / L during pre-flowering;

  • 0.8ml / L during flowering.


Soil: Use 0.2ml of TriPart Micro per litre of water as first roots start to appear. Increase to:

  • 0.6ml / L as first leaves appear;

  • 1.5ml / L during vegetative stage;

  • 1.5ml / L during pre-flowering;

  • 0.7ml / L during flowering.


Why choose Terra Aquatica TriPart Micro?

  • 3-bottle nutrient mix;

  • Formulated for hard water;

  • Works in combination with Terra Aquatica TriPart Grow and Bloom;

  • Use through all stages of growth;

  • Nitrogen, potassium, and calcium solution;

  • Chelated nutrients, micronutrients, and sub-micronutrients for easy uptake;

  • Suitable for coco, soil, and hydroponic use;

  • 3 parts replace bloom booster, Cal-Mag, and PK. 

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