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Sureair Gel Lemon 5L


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Sureair Odour Neutralising Gel Lemon 5L

Sureair Odour Neutralising Gel is a complex formula utilising essential oils to neutralise a large array of organic and non-organic odours within an environment. 

How does Sureair Gel work?

Sureair Neutralising Gel does not mask odours it neutralises them. 

How to use Sureair Gel

Once opened Sureair is ready to go. Simply shake and/or stir well before use. Remove the lid and place the jar in a well-ventilated area or pour into an open tray or dish.

The more air that comes into contact with the gel the more effective Sureair will be. The more exposed gel the more neutralisation.

If used constantly one litre of gel should last at least a month.


  • Neutralising odour instead of masking.
  • Simply open and use
  • Long-lasting



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