Superthrive Vitamin Solution

Treat everything from herbs and vegetables to sports turf and Christmas trees. Superthrive is an original favourite for generations of growers – it nourishes, strengthens, and increases yield. Use to enhance normal growth, or during transplants to mitigate the effects of stress on plants, fortifying growth from the inside out. 


Trusted for decades

Consider this a one-stop solution to the problems in your garden. Known as “the essential vitamin solution”, Superthrive solves and prevents the most common plant worries. Use during regular growth, or apply to new soil before transportation to give plants a smooth transition into their new environment. 

The product was invented by Dr. John Thomson over 70 years ago, and has left a legacy in gardens ever since. Lovers of the product have been using it for generations: trust us on this one. 


Highly cost effective

You’ll struggle to find anything both as versatile and cost efficient as this. Only ¼ teaspoon of pure solution is needed per gallon of water for most uses. 


Gentle but mighty

The solution is packed with  powerful nutrients that stimulate root growth, but is gentle enough to use anywhere you would normally water. Leave for at least 24 hours before watering again. 

Superthrive can be combined with your usual fertilisers (apart from when transplanting) for maximum results. 


How does Superthrive work?

Superthrive contains a highly concentrated mixture of vitamins and hormones that are designed to be used as a supplement to normal plant feeds. Superthrive has been around for decades and is highly acclaimed by gardeners, farmers, and foresters the world over as highly effective plant growth and strength enhancer and also as a stress reliever when re-potting or transplanting trees or plants. Superthrive can be used in any substrate, and in any growing system from a small hydroponics set-up to a forest of saplings.

  • The original vitamin and hormone supplement for plants;

  • Stimulates faster growth;

  • Acts as a tonic for stressed plants;

  • Encourages plants to build a stronger structure;

  • Popularly used during transplanting to reduce shock;

  • Highly concentrated;

  • Internationally acclaimed by farmers and gardeners worldwide.


How to use Superthrive?

Superthrive is highly soluble in water and is incredibly easy to mix as a result. Add ¼ teaspoon per gallon of water and stir thoroughly. Avoid combining Superthrive with pesticides as they provide contradictory purposes. 

Store out of direct sunlight. 


Where to use Superthrive?

This is what we love about it – it goes anywhere. Use in any environment, on any plant you would normally water. There are a number of other ways you can use Superthrive once mixed into a solution:

  • Use as part of a hydroponics setup;

  • Use during hydroseeding;

  • Add to the container of a hose end sprayer;

  • Incorporate into a drip irrigation system. 


When to use Superthrive?

This solution can be used either during a regular plant cycle to maximise growth, or before a transplant. Plants can often grow stressed when moved to different locations. Applying Superthrive to the soil before and during the transition can help to lessen the effects of transplant shock. 


Why choose Superthrive?

Creator Dr. John Thomson dedicated his life to Superthrive, and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Lawn and Garden Marketing Distribution Association for his contributions. The product is highly adaptable and is suitable for gardeners of any level.

  • “The essential vitamin solution”;

  • Enhances growth and yield;

  • Natural and non-toxic;

  • For use in soil or hydroponic settings;

  • Use during growth or before transportation;

  • Increases yield;

  • Revives stressed plants.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Superthrive

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