These Spigots join ducting and outlet on your grow room wall with a clean and flush connection.

  • Connects ducting with your wall outlet
  • Can be attached with a duct clip and duct tape
  • Very easy to install
  • Available in different widths

How to Use

Fix to the wall and attach the ducting to it.

When mounting a duct to wall spigot, first holes will need to be drilled into the flange so that the spigot can be securely fitting to the grow room wall. It will need to be ensured that it fits flush to the wall over the outlet point.

It can be screwed or glued upon the outlet point in the extraction system. As a result, it provides a clean attachment which sits flush over the outlet point. The spigot can be attached to the ducting using either a duct clip or duct tape.

Available in 6 widths: 100mm / 4″, 125mm / 5″, 150mm / 6″, 200mm / 8″, 250mm / 10″, 315mm / 12″

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10", 12", 8"

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