There’s no use growing new roots if they don’t have the space they need. SHOGUN Zenzym clears dead root matter to let living root networks expand. 

It takes the locked-up nutrients from the dead matter, turns them into minerals and sugars, and then releases it back into the substrate to feed new roots. 


Clears space for air

A crowded substrate can leave plants unable to extend their root network. This can leave growth stunted and makes water and nutrient intake difficult. If roots are fighting for space, they may even begin to suffocate due to lack of available air.  

Zenzym contains active enzymes to clear dead matter from the rhizosphere, creating space for roots to grow and allowing air to travel through the growing medium. 


Unlocks hidden nutrients

The root system is the port of call for water and nutrient absorption. However, a lot of this goodness might actually be locked away. 

Dead root material can contain a wealth of nutrients, but is stored in a form that plants cannot access. The root material is held together by molecular linkages. 

Zenzym performs a process called hydrolysis, which breaks down these links and allows the molecules to separate into smaller pieces. This unlocks the “hidden” nutrients, bringing a boost from the materials already present in the soil. 


Converts dead root matter into food

As well as creating access to the “locked-away” nutrients, Zenzym turns the dead root matter into minerals and sugars. 

These feed your plants, promoting energetic growth and fast results. These substances also feed the diverse beneficial bacteria within the soil, which colonise the root network and protect it against pests. 


How to use SHOGUN Zenzym?

Zenzym is suitable for all forms of growing media and is a hugely versatile product to keep at hand. It allows you to re-use your substrate without harming your plants or the surrounding microlife. 

This makes it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to dumping and replacing your substrate at the end of every growth cycle. 

Dilute 2.5ml of Zenzym per litre of nutrient solution and apply throughout the vegetative and flowering stages. We recommend a 4-week vegetative and a 9-week flowering schedule, though you may add extra weeks during mid flowering (weeks 4-5) if necessary. 

Zenzym is suitable for any substrate: simply add to your hydroponic tank, reservoir, or watering can. 

For best results, keep your environment above 30℃ for a period after applying Zenzym. This is the optimum feeding conditions for the enzymes and will help them to work faster and more effectively! 


Why choose SHOGUN Zenzym?

  • Keeps recirculating systems clean;

  • Breaks down dead root matter;

  • Encourages aeration and root growth;

  • Suitable for coco, soil, and hydro;

  • Turns locked-up nutrients into available plant food;

  • Made from a high-quality blend of enzymes.


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