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SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow

Terra Grow is a mineral feed that boasts a significant increase in yield. The Samurai Terra range is the only soil base nutrient that uses SmartZen, an ingredient developed specially by the team at SHOGUN.

SmartZen aids nutrient transportation and speeds photosynthesis, providing constant fuel for plants to thrive. Growers will see yields up to 8% higher than market competitors. 


Maximise yields with SmartZen

If you know about SHOGUN, you might already be familiar with their revolutionary ingredient SmartZen Maximiser. This is a yield booster proven to increase fruit and flower size by up to 8% more than competing NPK fertilisers.

It also accelerates the rate of photosynthesis, something that’s particularly important during the vegetative stage. Working as a key ingredient in Terra Grow, you’ll see leaves appearing earlier – leaving more time for even further growth. 


Relieves plant stress

SmartZen is also an effective plant stress reliever. Recently cut or transplanted young plants are particularly prone to stress. In the worst cases, they’ll experience “transplant shock” in which they might lose leaves or even die. SmartZen contains amino acids and B vitamins that naturally calm the plant and keep it thriving in its new environment. 


Rich in iron, sulphur, and magnesium

This diverse solution contains 7 of the 8 micronutrients needed for optimum growth. It’s particularly high in iron, sulphur, and magnesium for optimum plant health.

Iron increases oxygenation around the plant, leading to thick, healthy, and intensely green foliage. Both iron and magnesium are responsible for the production of chlorophyll that give plants their colour and increases light absorption for photosynthesis. 

Sulphur is a secondary nutrient – however, it’s often considered the “missing” fourth primary macronutrient. It plays an essential role in protein production and makes up a large portion of the enzymes that permit nitrogen uptake. 


How to use SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow?

The best results involve keeping the small details in mind. The hardness of the water you grow in will have an effect on the way it uses certain nutrients. 

Hard water is more alkaline than soft water and has a higher presence of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Therefore, we recommend that you use Terra Grow in a slightly lower dosage if you are growing in hard water. 

To find out the water hardness in your area, type your postcode into this UK map.

This feeding information is based on a 4-week vegetative cycle. Dilute Terra Grow in the following quantities:



Weeks 1-2: 1-2ml/L;

Weeks 3-4: 2-3ml/L.



Weeks 1-2: 2-3ml/L;

Weeks 3-4: 3-4ml/L. 


Terra Grow is a base nutrient that is safe for use with your normal additives. Pair with Shogun Katana Roots for impressive root growth in as little as 5 days. 

Follow with its flowering partner, SHOGUN Terra Bloom, for increased yields and abundant fruits and flowers. You’ll already have built the structure to support them! 

Never mix undiluted nutrients; always add them one at a time and mix thoroughly before putting another into your nutrient solution. 

Keep Terra Grow in a cool, dry place above 7℃. Temperatures below this may cause the solution to crystallise. 


Where to use SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow?

SHOGUN Terra Grow contains the NPK ratios suitable for soil growing. Soil contains more nutrients than coco or plain water, as well as a diverse range of naturally-occurring microlife. 

Terra Grow compensates for this, producing a perfectly balanced mix of NPK and the seven micronutrients: sulphur; magnesium; iron; manganese; boron; zinc; copper; and molybdenum. 


When to use SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow?

Terra Grow is designed for the vegetative stage. Though it’s fairly short in comparison to blooming, it’s a time of extraordinary growth. 

Increase your dosage slightly during the second half of this period; you’ll help to really fortify the new leaves and stems and prepare your plants for giant yields. After this, you can begin to apply Terra Bloom! 


Why choose SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow?

  • Designed for use in soil;

  • Promotes growth in the vegetative stage;

  • Boosts yields by up to 8% more than competitors;

  • SmartZen technology formulated by leading scientists;

  • Pairs perfectly with Samurai Terra Bloom.


Product Specifications:

  • Brand: SHOGUN

  • NPK: 2.2 – 1.0 – 5.0

  • Other Active Ingredients: Magnesium (1.3%); Sulphur (0.8%); Iron (0.088%); Boron (0.008%); Zinc (0.006%); Manganese (0.004%); Copper (0.003%); Molybdenum (0.002%). 

  • pH: 3.4 – 3.8

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