Shogun Dragon Force





SHOGUN Dragon Force is a carefully designed nutrient solution for use during the late flowering stage of the growth cycle. It will enhance and speed up the maturation process whilst raising secondary metabolite levels.

General Information

Growers use Dragon Force towards the end of the grow cycle to stimulate fast maturation which can lead to an early harvest. It remobilises nutrients to the fruits/flowers and stimulated the plants defence system in order to improve the final quality of your produce.


  • Stimulates movement of calcium to flowers/fruits
  • Aids movement of carbohydrates from the root zone throughout your plant
  • Secondary metabolite production increases when using Dragon Force which helps boost resin production
  • By increasing calcium content in the fruits/flowers, it can improve the quality of the harvest

How to Use

To be used as a root feed at a rate of 4ml/L. Mix well in your reservoir and apply accordingly. We recommend using Dragon Force in the final 2 weeks of the flowering stage in place of your normal bloom nutrients.

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