SKU: GD-10490

SANlight Gen 2 Evo + Q-series Power Distribution Block



Up to four SANlight LED grow lights can be connected together via this H Distribution block and powered by a single plug socket.


As a rule, you will need an additional extension lead for each grow light and a fifth extension lead for a four-light setup; one to connect the two distribution blocks to one another.


You’ll also need a power lead to connect the H Distribution block to the plug socket. It’s advisable to have Termination caps covering any empty sockets on your grow lights and H Distribution blocks as well.


SANlight have designed two different ways of configuring your lighting setup; The Eco Setup favours cost saving and a more forgiving light intensity, whilst the Expert Setup favours maximising your harvest both in terms of quality and quantity. You can read about them on our blog.


Only compatible with Q-Series Gen 2 and EVO Series LEDs.

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