Rhino EC Ultra Silent Fan



The Rhino EC Ultra Silent Fan is a silenced fan, which delivers increased static pressure and airflow. It’s compatible with a wide variety of EC controllers already available on the market. This fan is fully controllable from as low as 0% up to 100%. The unit includes an airtight casing and soundproof foam to ensure minimum levels of noise. The fan uses 9-pole EC (electronically commutated) motors and it’s economical.

General Information

  • The silenced fan includes a strong casing and soundproof foam;
  • The EC controller is included in the box;
  • You can regulate the Rhino EC Ultra Silent Fan from as low as 0% up to 100%;
  • The unit is available in 4 sizes including 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 315mm;

Additional information


200 1205m3/hr



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