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OptiClimate Air Distribution Tube 315mm (High Flow) – 12m, High Flow 1 Double Output


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Air Distribution Tube for Opticlimate

This special air distribution hose is made from high quality, anti-static, light reflective white LDPE film, with a thickness of 180 Mu. The Air Distribution Tube is perforated by small round holes in an area of 120˘Ş. As a result, the air is directed 1/3 of the circle and the air blown out is high velocity.

Which Size Air Distribution Tube Do I Need?

Opticlimate Pro 3 – 3500 – 250mm x 5m
Opticlimate Pro 3 – 6000 – 250mm x 5m
Opticlimate Pro 3 – 10000 – 315mm x 5m or 10m
Opticlimate Pro 3 – 15000 – 315mm x 5m or 10m



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