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Omega 1000W DE 400V Dual Spectrum Lamp


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Omega Double Ended 400V Dual Spectrum Lamp

Omega Lighting provides the latest technology in High Pressure Sodium lighting. Why choose Omega’s 1000W DE 400W Dual Spectrum Lamp? Omega Double Ended HPS bulbs emit more UV and IR light than traditional single ended dual spectrum bulbs.

Double Ended HPS bulbs are also more stable than traditional single ended HPS bulbs increasing light intensity and PAR by 10%. The Omega DE bulbs last longer than traditional single ended HPS bulbs. Even after 10000 hours Omega double ended lamps continue to output over 90% of their original intensity.

Why choose Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps? 

Dual Spectrum Lamps are especially suited to being used within the vegetative stage of a plant’s growth. This is because they emit a blue/white light which is what the plant desires at this point of its life. Dual Spectrum Lamps are ideal for stopping plants from stretching.

In order to run this Dual Spectrum Lamp users will need to use a 1000W ballast. This enables the lamp to increase to different levels and gives the user complete control over their grow.

  • Long lifespan
  • Latest technology in Omega Lighting
  • Emits more UV than single-ended dual spectrum bulbs




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