Omega Eurowing Reflectors



Highly reflective and lightweight, the ideal choice for indoor growing

Omega Lighting’s Eurowing Reflector is made from extremely high reflective silver material. 

  • Provides even light dispersion
  • Generates fewer hot-spots
  • More light reflectivity
  • Solid Ceramic E40 Fitting
  • Dimpled silver wings for maximum reflectivity

High quality and low cost

This open-ended reflector is super lightweight and is a great quality, low-cost option.

How does the Omega Eurowing Reflector work?

Omega’s Euro Reflector is a great value-for-money reflector for first-time growers or more experienced gardeners looking for products on a budget. The reflector features ridges along the top as well as silver dimpled wings for outstanding light dispersion, reflectivity, and reduction of hot spots.

This grow light reflector features a ceramic lamp-holder designed for reliability and heat-resistance.

How to use the Eurowing Reflector?

The Omega Euro Reflector is manufactured for use with HPS Lamps or Metal Halide Lamps. Simply hang the reflector over the centre of a grow area using a jack chain. Holding the lamp, insert into the E40 lamp-holder within the Euro Reflector and firmly screw in. 

Plug the lead into a ballast suitable for HPS or Metal Halide Lamps and switch on.

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