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Mammoth P is a genuinely ground-breaking and unique product based on high-level biochemistry and extensive research by GrowCentia in Colorado.

This product is all about unlocking the Phosphorus already in the system and making it available to the plant, as such it has no NPK value – it is not a fertiliser.

Mammoth P is a combination of beneficial bacteria that constantly produce a diverse set of enzymes that unlock phosphorus from the bonds of other minerals in the system allowing the plant to uptake this essential element and flourish through the flowering phase.

Phosphorus is essential to many aspects of plant biology but is particularly important for vigorous root growth and prolific flowering, as such Mammoth P should be added throughout the plants cycle – this will enhance the health and development of the plant during veg but also ensure the all-important beneficial bacteria are well established for the critical aggressive flowering phase.

We suggest applying Mammoth P at a rate of 0.16ml/l throughout the life of the plant (including flushing) whatever system you are in. Initially, the labels and literature suggested increasing the dilution rate through the cycle in Soil but we have found little justification for this and considering the price tag we advise the fixed rate of 0.16ml/l throughout the cycle in all systems.

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1L, 500ml

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