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During the fourth to sixth or seventh week of the bloom period, the plant’s nutritional uptake continues to rise before eventually reaching a climax. During this time the ratios of nutrient assimilation change rapidly. Solo soil Boost works by enhancing the levels of phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and ammonical nitrogen needed for profuse setting of flowers and fruit. The solution pH will fall during this stage, which allows greater assimilation of phosphates required for profuse fruit and flower production.

In the later stage of the bloom period the rate of nutrient assimilation falls and the use of BiOpOnic solo Boost is discontinued. The EC of the nutrient solution is thus lowered to allow the plants to take up water and nutrients in balance without resistance.  There is no set guide for the ideal EC since your plants genetics and growing environment will dictate the correct level. Careful control of the nutrient EC during this stage is critical for high flower and fruit density.

Currently a number of PK boost products are available on the market indicating that formulating their product by weight rather than volume is one of the keys to increased yields. A number of these products also contain Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) chemicals that act to manipulate the plant in order to increase its potential yield. It is important to be aware that most of these included PGR chemicals are not intended for use with food crops or have not been classified/licensed for use and could have potentially unforeseen health implications to the end user. We are proud that HYDRoToPS Floral Boost first released in 2002 has always been formulated by weight rather than volume and it contains no PGRs.

When used with Top Heavy Crop and Triple F, all of which also contain NO PGRs, the end result has left even the most experienced growers impressed.

A commonly accepted myth  is flower boosters and PK products are responsible for greater yields. It is true that during the flowering cycle these products will give the greatest benefit. However this only happens when your plant has maximised its period of vegetative growth, producing as many flowering sites possible. Less than optimal vegetative growth will only result in less than optimal flowering.
To take this into consideration HYDRoToPS products are designed for use from propagation through to the third week of the flowering cycle to ensure optimal growth for bumper future flower and fruit development whilst shortening the growing cycle without compromising your yields.

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