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Disposable Scalpels 10pk


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Disposable Scalpels 10pk

Young plants are fragile and scissors can cause damage when taking cuttings. These individually-wrapped surgical scalpels ensure the cleanest safest result. 

Less damaging than scissors

Scissors can do more damage than good to a plant if they’re not used correctly. Since they use pressure to cut scissors can crush stems and leaves. 

The Grow Tools Surgical Scalpels use one sharp blade to cut cleanly through a stem with no risk of crushing. 

Fine clean cut

The scalpels are fully sharpened to ensure the cleanest cut once they’re ready to use. They’re also fully sterilised meaning they won’t come into contact with anything that could interfere with plants before use. 

The result: a finer safer result and top potential for plants. 

Ideal for cuttings

This sharp “slice” is ideal for taking cuttings in fragile young plants. The scalpel’s precise blade will cause minimal damage to the shoot and leave a straight edge that is easy for roots to grow from.

Its thin shape ensures ultimate accuracy even when dealing with small and intricate shoots. 

How to use Disposable Scalpels?

Do not unwrap the scalpel until use. This will ensure it stays as sharp and clean as possible.

Use the scalpel to take cuttings or gently remove excess leaves and branches from a plant.

Make sure to wear protective gloves and keep fingers away from the scalpel’s sharp blade. 

Why choose Disposable Scalpels?

  • Pack of surgical scalpels;
  • Offers ultimate precision;
  • More gentle than scissors;
  • Won’t crush stems and leaves;
  • Ideal for taking cuttings;
  • Fully sterilised and sharpened;
  • 10 per pack. 

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  • Quantity Per Pack: 10


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