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CX Horticulture – Nilnat/Tanlin 20ml


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20ml NilNat Tanlin Product Details:

20ml NilNat is an all organic pest control product that is added to your nutrients to eliminate fungus gnat larvae present in your growing medium and rootzone.

Fungus Gnats are easily identified as small black flies in your grow room. Fungus gnats are most likely when growing in potted mediums like soil, coco or clay pebbles but can occur iin all growing situations. The flies you see in your room are all growing from larvae that is in your grow medium, the larvae look like a small white worms with a black head and tail about 1-2mm in length.

Fungus gnats are most dangerous to small immature plants, seedlings and cuttings as the larvae feed off your plant roots so when the rootzone is small they can have an impact. Once plants develop and become larger what usually happens is the growth of the roots outstrips the larvae’s ability to have an impact. The fungus gnat flies do little to no damage (apart from laying more larvae) and can be easily killed with sticky fly traps or any number of standard bug sprays.

20ml NilNat usage:

20ml NilNat can be used during all stages of plant growth and right up until harvest as either a preventative measure or a solution to an infestation. Add 20ml NilNat to your nutrient solution at a rate of 1ml per 100 litres of water and feed as normal

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