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CNL Compensating Dripper – 8 Litres p/Hr

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CNL low flow pressure Compensating Drippers are designed to be used as single dripper outlets for planters, pots or specimen planting. They are also designed to work with the Netafim CNL manifold system allowing for multiple outlets to be installed from one dripper. Netafim’s TubroNet™ labyrinth technology has extra wide passages, which mean excellent clog resistance. Built-in pressure compensation helps all drippers to perform the same regardless of their position on the pipework. In addition, the UV- stabilised feature means they will not become faulty or break down if they are exposed to sunlight, or other sources of UV. Netafim CNL drippers are available in several drip rates across the two ranges from 2l/h up to 12l/h; they are also colour coded for easy identification. The effective working pressure range for the Netafim CNL dripper is 1.0 to 4.0 bar.

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