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Set up and grow with this outstanding new range of tents. The BloomBoxx’s durable 22mm metal framework and metal corners provides the highest quality space for growers. See the results with stronger, healthier plants and increased yields. 

Robust 22mm frame

The BloomBoxx boasts a 22mm steel structure , making it one of the thickest and most resilient designs available. At over 6mm wider in diameter than standard tents, its metal frame is highly durable and will withstand heavy loads or unexpected weather. 

Use the support bars to hang equipment – without bending or warping. 


Reinforced metal corners

Even premium tents on the market today tend to use plastic corners, which are flimsy and reduce the quality of the entire tent. With nothing to hold it together, the whole frame could come down! 

The BloomBoxx uses only reinforced metal corners, keeping poles firmly in place at 90° angles: no snapping, leaning, or shattering. 


Come rain or shine

The BloomBoxx was designed in the UK – so we know how unpredictable the great outdoors can be. Each tent has an opaque black 1650-denier exterior designed to completely block sunlight and withstand wear and tear. 

The exterior is double-stitched for extra durability, meaning leaks and holes are no issue. BloomBoxx’s reflective silver Mylar interior conserves light within the tent and regulates its ambient temperature. 

Its thick fabric also provides substantial volume reduction for noisy equipment such as fans and carbon filters. 


Plant-safe viewing window

The green translucent window on the side of the BloomBoxx allows growers to check up on their plants without opening the door. Plants cannot absorb green light, so they will not be affected by the window and their photoperiod will not be disturbed. 

It also reduces the need to enter the tent, preventing light and air from escaping the tent and conserving equipment costs wherever possible. 

The viewing hole can be covered if desired with a light-proof Velcro curtain on the tent’s exterior. 


How to use BloomBoxx Grow Tent?

The BloomBoxx is easy to assemble and disassemble, and consists only of the metal poles, corners, and fabric covering. All poles use “push and click” fastenings for fast, safe construction. Each is labelled to indicate which poles fit together. 

To watch our team put together the BloomBoxx, take a look at our video here. 


Why choose BloomBoxx Grow Tent?

When it comes to stability, the BloomBoxx outperforms its market competitors. Metal corners keep the tent securely in place and weighted down – they’re a simple difference often overlooked by rival brands. 

The attention to detail is unparalleled: zips are covered with Velcro flaps to prevent even the smallest amount of light leakage. The tent comes with additional drawstring ports to hold multiple lengths of ducting in place, and an extra zip flange to keep cables safely out of the way. 


  • 22mm metal framework;

  • Reinforced metal corners;

  • 1650 denier black exterior;

  • Reflective silver Mylar interior;

  • Conserves light and reduces running costs;

  • Resistant against wind and weather conditions;

  • Green viewing window;

  • Double-stitched for durability;

  • Extra zip flange and portholes;

  • Storage bag included.


Product Specifications:

  • Brand: BloomBoxx

  • Fabric Denier: 1650

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