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Biobizz Light Mix 50L

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Biobizz Light Mix – 50L

Whatever your growing goals Light Mix provides the perfect foundation for seedlings cuttings and young plants. This organic soil is specially blended for optimal drainage. 

Oxygenates the root system

True to its name Light Mix is light and airy! This gentle blend is perfect for young plants who won’t benefit from a dense substrate. 

Light Mix allows a steady flow of air to reach underground and oxygenate the root system. Maximum airflow means maximum root growth: plants will develop a thick complex rhizosphere. 

Optimal drainage

Helping water reach your plants is vital – but it’s just as important to let it drain away.

An airy porous soil like Light Mix allows water to flow through and reach all areas of the root network. It also means that it will travel away from the plant once it’s no longer needed.

This stops “false drain” where nutrient solution runs straight through the middle of a soil and out again leaving some parts saturated other parts dry – and a whole lot of wasted nutrients. 

Light Mix also prevents the buildup of stale excess water that can cause roots to rot. 

100% natural 

Biobizz prides itself on its natural organic products – and Light Mix is no different. It’s completely free of the mineral salts (like magnesium or sulphates) often found in synthetic fertilisers. 

Made only with organic elements Light Mix can focus on utilising the beneficial microlife that strengthen the root system.

Prevents pH and EC fluctuations

Light Mix’s organic content gives it a medium electrical conductivity (EC) value.

It’s a little more difficult to measure the pH of organic elements since they contribute to an active and ever-changing community of microlife. However Light Mix has a self-regulating system which helps to maintain ideal pH levels. 

How to use Biobizz Light Mix?

Plant young plant seedlings and cuttings in Light Mix and supplement with a base nutrient and additives of choice. 

Growers can apply larger amounts of fertilisers with no risk of overloading the soil and causing nutrient burn (indicated by yellowed crunchy leaf tips). 

Where to use Biobizz Light Mix?

Light Mix is suitable for potting beds and mixing with other substrates – you name it! However its exceptional drainage abilities make it perfect for automatic irrigation systems. 

What to use with Biobizz Light Mix?

Light Mix is highly versatile and is suitable for use with almost any base nutrient or additive. 

The rest of the Biobizz range is specially formulated to achieve superior results with Biobizz substrates like Light Mix. 

Growers might use Root Juice for a root-boosting double combo in the first week of vegetation. 

Why choose Biobizz Light Mix?

  • Light airy soil blend;
  • Ideal for young plants seedlings and cuttings;
  • Created for optimal drainage;
  • Excellent air flow;
  • Made only with organic elements;
  • Encourages vigorous growth;
  • No risk of overloading or nutrient burn;
  • Medium EC value;
  • Stable pH. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Biobizz
  • Quantity: 50L
  • Quantity per Pallet: 65



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