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Biobizz All Mix 50L

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Biobizz All Mix – 50L

This celebrated soil mix has all the nutrients needed to sustain plants for the first few weeks.

Pre-fertilised for effortless growth

All Mix is packed with nutrients and creates the perfect environment for rapid lush growth. It delivers the essential macronutrients as well as useful micronutrients to maintain a healthy nutritional balance. 

Sit back and relax – there’s nothing to do until flowering! 

Mimics outdoor ecosystems

As well as being a rich source of nutrients All Mix has a diverse active ecosystem.

It mimics outdoor soil with its variety of enzymes and beneficial bacteria. These can perform several different functions from clearing dead matter in the rhizosphere to protecting plants against pests and disease.

Other enzymes break down available nutrients into more easily absorbable forms increase plants’ uptake without adding anything new. 

100% natural 

Biobizz prides itself on its natural organic products – and All Mix is no different. It’s completely free of the mineral salts (like magnesium or sulphates) often found in synthetic fertilisers. 

Made only with organic elements All Mix can focus on utilising the beneficial microlife that strengthen the root system.

How to use Biobizz All Mix?

  • When using All Mix for the first time moisten it with water and leave to stand for 36 hours. This allows the microorganisms inside the substrate to start working before adding any plants. 
  • All Mix will sustain itself nutritionally for a few weeks and only needs water during this time. 
  • Keep the soil slightly warm at all times. If All Mix becomes too cool its microbial activity can slow down. Growers should also let the soil dry between each watering to allow fresh air to enter. 
  • All Mix’s dilution rates can be different to those of Light Mix and Coco Mix so be sure to check each product’s feeding chart before use to prevent overfeeding.  

What to use with Biobizz All Mix?

After the first few weeks users may add any Biobizz nutrient – the range is specially formulated to achieve superior results together. 

Bio Grow and Bio Bloom are effective base nutrients for impressive flowering. Acti Vera accelerates plant metabolism for strong invigorated growth. 

The only Biobizz nutrient growers should not use with All Mix is Biobizz Alg A Mic.

Why choose Biobizz All Mix?

  • Heavily pre-fertilised substrate mixture;
  • Sustains lush growth for weeks;
  • Contains diverse active ecosystems;
  • High EC value;
  • Made from 100% natural elements;
  • Contains no synthetic ingredients or mineral salts. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Biobizz
  • Quantity: 50L
  • Quantity per Pallet: 65



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