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Biobizz Microbes


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Biobizz Microbes is a concentrated blend of microorganisms, enzymes and beneficial fungi. It is tailored to stimulate the process of germination and continues encouraging strong growth right through the plant’s lifecycle.


This blend of tailored microorganisms and fungi is highly beneficial for your plant’s rhizosphere (root zone). Perfect to use with the range of Biobizz nutrients. It works to increase the plant/soil interface improving the useful surface area of the roots. Biobizz Microbes work to improve the flow and uptake of essential nutrients as well as boosting the final yield.


Using Biobizz Microbes maximises your plants access to the nutrients you’re feeding throughout its lifecycle. Using it increases your plants access to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micro-nutrients. The chosen microorganisms in are great promoters of phytohormones, like indole-3-acetic acid and gibberellins.



Biobizz Microbes is a plant growth boosting product made up of a tailored blend of microorganisms, enzymes, and beneficial fungi. The combination of Bacteria, Enzymes and Trichoderma fungi in a handy and easy to apply format makes Biobizz Microbes the perfect tool for growers to guarantee an improvement and increase of the final yield potential.


The following points outline the different areas and benefits of using Biobizz Microbes.



Biobizz Microbes contains a selection of 4x of the most beneficial bacteria used for recovering substrates. These bacteria improve the vegetal nutrition process, hormone promotion, root tissue growth as well as increasing the solubility of nutrients like phosphorus. This translates into an increase of productivity, quality and yield.



The enzymes in Biobizz Microbes act to rapidly catalyse organic nutrients making them available for plants to absorb. This creates free amino acids in the growing media, which increases the activity and effect of the active microorganisms. Enzymes work to break the protein chains provided by the fertilizers. The enzymes work to increase the colonization speed of microorganisms present in your media. The enzymes increase the breakdown of nutrients for rapid plant absorption. This makes them the perfect complement for the beneficial substrate microorganisms, creating a healthy and productive ecosystem.



Trichoderma fungi work in symbiosis with the plant. They help to protect against harmful pathogens and fungal growth, while promoting abundant root growth, increased water retention and nutrient uptake. Trichoderma fungi are the organic grower’s best friend. They work to increase the health and productivity of your plants and improve the overall efficiency of the grow.



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