Atami Root Stimulator



Atami Bcuzz Root Stimulator promotes strong root development, increased root-branching and protects your plants against pathogens. The additive also increases nutrient uptake. Growers use the formula during the start of the vegetative and blooming phases to set a strong foundation for optimum growth. With larger roots, your plants can absorb increased levels of nutrients, which strengthens their development. The additive comprises natural ingredients, humic and fulvic acids, which work perfectly with your plants’ root systems. With Bcuzz Root Stimulator you’ll achieve strong and healthy crops, which deliver larger flowers and heavier fruits.


General Information

  • Bcuzz Root Stimulator is a powerful and high-performance additive;
  • Growers use the supplement during the vegetative phase;
  • It’s suitable for all growing substrates and systems including hydroponics and soil;
  • The additive comprises organic ingredients, humic and fulvic acids.



  • The formula has an increased level of solubility, which ensures optimum nutrient uptake;
  • The additive is easy-to-use and highly efficient;
  • Stimulates the microbial life in the root-zone;
  • Improves your crops’ immune systems and protects your plants from unfavourable conditions and pathogens;
  • Increased nutrient uptake;
  • Ensures intense development and accelerated growth;
  • Suitable to use with other Atami supplements and boosters.


The Science

Bcuzz Root Stimulator is a perfect solution to help your plants develop a strong root network. The additive increases the microbial life in the growing substrate and improves nutrient uptake. Use Bcuzz Root Stimulator during the start of the vegetative phase and the beginning of the blooming stage. The stimulator ensures rich root development and helps your plants easily absorb nutrients. The additive gives your crops extra support to prepare for the blooming phase. The additive stimulates the microbial life in the substrate, which increases your plants’ immune systems and ensures optimum nutrient uptake.


How to Use

Use Bcuzz Root Stimulator at the start of the vegetative and blooming phases. Growers use between 0.5 and 1 ml/L for the best results.


Best Practices

Atami Bcuzz Root Stimulator is a powerful and optimized additive, which you can simply add to your water reservoir or container. First, add the nutrients and follow with Bcuzz Root Stimulator and other boosters. When you’re growing plants in hydroponic systems, adjust the pH level between 5.6 and 6.2. Make sure you maintain the level towards the lower end of the scale because the pH will rise after you’ve added the nutrients and additives. If you’re growing crops in soil, you shouldn’t adjust the pH. If you want to adjust the pH level, maintain it between 6 and 7. Keep the level towards the lower value, as it will rise naturally. Store the product in a safe and dark place. Keep it out of children’s reach.

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