Atami Hydro A + B




The B’cuzz Hydro A&B are special nutrients for hydroponic systems. They provide the plant with precisely measured amounts of minerals, which allow them to develop strong roots and achieve their full potential in growth nutrition
The bases ensure that there is always enough potassium available so it doesn’t burn through any other nutrient or waste product when growing flowers outdoors during summer months

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Hydro culture is a method of growing plants that use water, air and nutrients in an unchanging medium. In hydro-culture higher doses are used which results greater concentrations on plant food sources; this can be seen with A&B’s high rate compared to Rokz’. The pebbles do not retain much nutrition so they must constantly analyze new ones from their surroundings while also taking up what has been released over time through decay or respiration (decomposition). Root systems have little opportunity for growth due both low concentration levels but most importantly because it takes time – something we don’t always have!

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