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Atami ATA Calmag is a nutrient cocktail which provides the supplementary calcium and magnesium that your plants need. These additional nutrition ingredients are required for an optimal growth as they have important roles in the formation of cell walls and the absorption of light energy. It is an excellent additive to your regular fertiliser regime.

Although hard tap water in most countries will contain the sufficient quantity of calcium and magnesium, a Calmag supplement may be advisable in some instances. When using soft tap water, which some parts of the UK receive, or osmosis water (demineralised), the use of Calmag is must.

ATA Calmag is also ideal when growing on a coconut substrate. Growing on coco has a higher risk of calcium and magnesium deficiencies than planting with soil or hydro.

Atami ATA Calmag is available in 1L and 5L bottles (please choose above).

Increase in nutrient uptake
Stronger plants
Stimulates better quality flowers
Atami ATA Calmag is a professional grade Calmag product that has fast-acting effects. Use regularly to avoid deficiencies or at the first sign of rust spots on your leaves.
Grow tips:
Use Calmag to enhance water that is low in calcium and magnesium or as an addition to your regular fertiliser solution. Use water at room temperature for the best results.

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