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1 Component Soil Nutrition B’Cuzz by Atami – All in One base fertilizer
1 Component Soil Nutrition by Atami is a base fertilizer that gives your plants the nutrients they need for their entire life cycle; all you have to do is increase the dosage as the grow goes on.

This fertilizer is perfect for growers that don’t have a lot of money to put into their grow, as they can use it during their plants entire life cycle rather than needing specific nutrients during the vegging period and others for the flowering period, which is what many other brands offer.

Depending on the phase in which your plants are in, you’ll need to use other nutrients alongside 1 Component; we recommend using other products from B’Cuzz’s line, as their bio-mineral composition offers high yields without using any chemical products or ingredients.

1 Component Soil Nutrition B’Cuzz by Atami combined with Stimulants
During the vegging phase you can use it alongside Rootstimulator, a stimulant for your plants roots that will make them grow even more, meaning that your plant will be able to feed more. Once the flowering period begins, you can use Bloomstimulator, which, when combined with 1 Component, will stimulate flower growth all over your plants. Nearing the end you can start using Blossom Builder, which will give your plants the perfect PK levels to fill out all of its flowers. To top it all off, you can add Bloombastic to the mix; this mixture will give your plants the PK and sugars needed to increase density and bud-size, so you’re guaranteed a spectacular yield.

Dosage and how to use:

Alternate between watering with just water and using feed.
Apply 1ml per litre of water from the first weeks of veg.
Increase the dosage to 3ml per litre of water as soon as the third node shows.
Once it begins flowering, raise the dosage to 4ml per litre of water.
During the bud fattening phase, add 5ml per litre of water.
Keep this dosage up until it’s time to flush the roots.

NPK: 2-3-5

N Total 2.46%
K2O 5.25%
MgO 190%
B 0.0013%
Cu 0.001%
Fe 0.032%
Mn 0.031%
Mo 0.002%
Zn 0.059%

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