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Advanced Nutrients – Bud Candy

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy is a critical carbohydrate mix that is giving you two products in one, Sweet Leaf and CarboLoad, plus more and in an easy to use formula. It is a mixture of natural sugars and carbohydrates that give your plants a burst of energy, and a bigger, bountiful harvest with a more potent, sweet taste.

  • Balanced and optimized mixture of naturally derived sugars and carbohydrates giving your plants an energy boost.
  • Ends mid-bloom slump.
  • Fuels beneficial bacteria and fungi in the root zone, increasing root mass and nutrient absorption, protecting roots, and producing hormones that stimulate floral size, potency and value.
  • Increases the aroma and taste in the plant and final product.
  • Increases size, weight and quality of your crop.
  • Is part of the Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect range.
  • Designed for crops both in the bloom phase or for growers preparing for bloom phase.
  • Works best with Advanced Nutrients range of additives and boosters.

Follow this simple feed chart designed by the Advanced Nutrients research team:
Week 1 to Week 6 – 2mL/L.

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1L, 4L

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