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Advanced Nutrients – Big Bud

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud is a bloom booster to give your garden the biggest yields. It provides your plants with extra Phosphorus and Potassium in the right amounts, unlike other brands who provide double the amount regardless. Big Bud’s formula will satisfy your plants Potassium craving but save it from Phosphorus toxicity, which it needs in lower levels. It also contains Contains L-amino acids L-Tryptophan, L-Cysteine, L-Glutamate and L-Glycine, creating larger flowers with more potency, helps form the internal plant protectant and prevents glutathione deficiency which leads to lower yield sizes.

  • Together, the Phosphorus, Potassium and amino acids create a bigger yield of larger, better-formed, more potent and more valuable flowers.
  • Easy to mix and better absorption thanks to its liquid formula.
  • Can be combined with other Advanced Nutrients bloom boosters to result in larger and more market-valued products.
  • When you use Big Bud as part of the Bigger Yields Flowering System, pH and PPM are balanced to optimum levels, plus depending on what level you are in the System, you could see as much as 27% increase in harvest weight.

Follow this simple feed chart designed by the Advanced Nutrients research team:
Week 2 – 2 mL/L
Week 3 – 2 mL/L
Week 4 – 2 mL/L

ATTENTION: Big Bud is completely compatible with all pH Perfect and non pH Perfect Base Nutrients along with all competitors Base Nutrients and Supplements.

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