Advanced Hydroponics of Holland Final Solution



Advanced Hydroponics of Holland – Final Solution

  • Flushes out the excess build up of nutrient and plants waste

  • Higher quality and increased yield

  • Compact flowers

  • Enhances a natural clean taste

  • Helps prevent mould

  • Use in the last week prior to harvest

  • Ideal for indoor/outdoor cultivation. Excellent results on earth, coco, rockwool and hydroponic system

  • Do not use in combination with Advanced Enzymes+

  • Natural Power is a powerful cocktail of essential natural ingredients that will provide your plants with an EXTREMELY high immune system

  • The increased resistance prevents diseases and fights off damage caused by mites, thrips and other insects

  • Using new Natural Power from Advanced will result in healthier and stronger plants, abundant flowering and higher yields with a perfect natural taste
  • Advanced NATURAL POWER is developed to reinforce and support the natural environment of your plants throughout their entire life cycle

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Advanced Hydroponics of Holland

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